Airship Knights Tier List Wiki & Reroll Guide

In this article, we will give you an update on the latest Airship Knights tier list and reroll guide. It is the latest idle RPG game developed by “Super Planet” for mobile devices.

In Airship Knights, you will go over a magical land full of monsters on an airship. To fight against numerous powerful sky monsters, you must recruit brave soldiers and equip them with the latest weapons. Your goal is to advance through the game, unlock more soldiers, and advance the main mission. Eventually, the game will show you narrative cutscenes starring the many characters that you have acquired.

The availability of numerous characters in the game calls for a character tier list. So, let us draft our initial structure of this Airship Knights character tier list. Also, See – Airship Knights Coupon Codes

Airship Knights characters
Photo by Super Planet

Airship Knights Tier List

This character tier list will be divided into four sections. The first section would be the S-tier in which we will include all the best characters in the game. The last section would be the C-tier which holds the weakest characters of the game.

S Tier

All the powerful and most beloved characters in Airship Knights are in this S-tier.

  • Albi
  • Christine
  • Sunwha

A Tier

Characters in the A tier can easily outperform the majority of other units in the game. However, in terms of overall capabilities, they are not as powerful as S-tier characters.

  • Bernardo
  • Dana
  • Flora
  • Laurent
  • Ramses

B Tier

Even though B-tier characters aren’t the toughest, they are a good option when you get started. They can assist your A-tier and S-tier characters as a supporting unit.

  • Bao
  • Horang
  • Maurice
  • Maxim
  • May

C Tier

It’s wise to avoid including these characters in your team. Characters in C-tier are least preferred by any Airship Knights player.

  • Naul
  • Yui

Please note that this Airship Knights tier list is still a work in progress. We will constantly be updating this list as new characters are introduced in the game.

Airship Knights Reroll Guide

In some cases, you will not obtain the characters that you want in your team. With our Airship Knights reroll guide, we have got you covered.

  • First, download the game on your mobile device.
  • Then sign in with a guest account. Make sure you don’t use your personal mail ID.
  • Once inside the game, complete the tutorial and prologue.
  • Now do your first character summon in the “Royal Recruit” section.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the desired character go to the “Account” and scroll down to the “Delete data” option.
  • Reinstall the game and start again from scratch.

That concludes our Airship Knights tier list. Keep a record of this page, so you can be updated with new changes.

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