Arena Breakout Storage Guide

The all new Arena Breakout is an FPS game developed by the famous Tencent studios. The unique thing about this game is its realistic experience and immersive graphics. The discerning factor of this game to other battle royale games is your choice to become either a task force member or go rogue. The survival factors of this game are comprehensively different. This immersive shooter is all about surviving open-world shootouts and surviving along with your team. If you die in this game, you lose everything you carry.

Since survival is a critical factor in this game, you will need to know what your storage should look like. This is more like a sorting guide to keep what’s needed and remove what’s not. Otherwise, you will waste your storage and money every time you die.

Arena Breakout Storage Guide

Arena Breakout Storage

Arena Breakout has a lot of storage boxes with a variety of storage capacities. Each storage with its own purpose. For example, ammo casing, misc., item, and weapon storage. Your aim should be to get the most enormous box possible in these categories. The game will cost you in-game currency to upgrade these storage boxes. Additionally, expanding and sorting will play a massive role in the quality of your gameplay.

You might be asking, how should I get access to these crates? It’s elementary, and you might come across a person named Evita from the character selection menu. You will be dealing with her to get your storage maxed out.

Arena Breakout Characters

You may find some of the storage boxes are locked. That is because these storage boxes will require you to level up. As you progress throughout the game, i.e., character level up or increase in XP points, you will start gaining access to most games.


Sorting out is essential to get the most out of your storage. You can either do it manually or automatically. Manual is what this guide is about, and it’s better this way. If you leave it to sort automatically, sorting may not be as efficient as sorting manually. There are always pros and cons related to storage sorting.

Arena Breakout Sorting

As you may see, you can sort out small items in between the more oversized items you carry. The idea is to put in those smaller items where you get smaller gaps.


You should also know what to keep and omit for efficient use of spaces. The game offers a variety of items, especially when it comes to treating wounds. Each item has limited durability. It’s only logical that you carry more than one piece of armor, helmet, and headphone. The chances are that you will lose the durability of these items.

Arena Breakout Priority

When treating wounds, you may find the absolute necessity to carry items to help you recover in the battle. On the other hand, anti-inflammatory meds and small bandages are unnecessary, considering they’re not long-lasting and are not as effective as other treatments. In the case of small bandages, when you lose a significant amount of health, the bandages may not be enough to help you recover. Removing this item will save up a lot of space. You may sell these items. Consider carrying trauma kits, surgeon packs, and big med kits.

Food and drinks

The most exciting thing about this game is how realistic it is regarding foods and drinks. Both foods and beverages you consume impact how you can function in battle. When you start to get thirsty, you may find your health decreasing. Although, in this case, drinks should be prioritized when you know hunger does not affect your overall health.


Arena Breakout Keys

You must be picky when it comes to keys. The game is about keeping or selling valuable items and where you spend your money. When deciding which keys to sell, it all comes down to the frequency of the buildings you get into. If you find rare keys but do not often find yourself in that building, you should sell them.

Weapons, magazines, and ammo

Arena Breakout Weapons

Weapons are absolutely necessary, but you should only carry weapons you feel most used to. Then, of course, magazines are a must-have, and you should only take the ones that are for your gun. Grenades are helpful, and it all depends on your accuracy. Whenever you find ammo, you should carry as much as you need. In addition to that, you should also consider looting expensive ammo for selling. That should help you stack up on cash.

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