Clash Royale April Update Leak 2017- New Ultra Chest & New Trap,Elixir Monster

Hi guys we are back with Clash Royale 2017 April Update Leak As always, Supercell is going to releasing the new Balance Change update on April 7th in order to make the game fine tuned and to keep the fun throughout the updates.In this round of balance changes were toning down the Royal Giant and boosting a few under used cards: Sparky, Spear Goblins, Tesla and more

Clash Royale 2017 April Update Leak Balance Update

Royal Giant: Damage -6%, range to 6 (from 6.5)

The Royal Giant has been a problematic card for a long time now. This time round we’re planning to slightly lower his power bynerfing his damage but also his range.

Sparky: Hit speed to 2 (from 5), damage -30%

Currently Sparky is an easily countered card. Were aiming to increase her usage at the top without overpowering her at low level, to this we have decided to increase her hitspeed but also half her damage to make up for it.

Spear Goblins: Elixir cost to 1 (from 2), Spear Goblin count to 2 (from 3)

Spear Goblins have had a really low use rate despite being one of the favourites at launch. We believe that the launch of the Goblin Gang has really made this card in need of a buff. This time round, we’re lowing its cost but reducing its count, it will become the third 1 elixir card in the game.

Furnace: Health -7%

We decresed its health by -7% Now The Furnace can spawn up to 10.This minor nerf should decrease their usage in the ladder and As well in Challenges

Tesla: New stun mechanism, hitpoints -5%
Were aiming make the Tesla a more viable option in the meta. Now the Tesla will have a stun every 2 strikes, similar to the electro wizard. This should make it a top tier building again.

Elite Barbarians: Health -8%.

Since the previous nerf, the elite barbarian usage has significantly dropped.This minor nerf should decrease their usage in the ladder, and just tone them down overall.

The Night Witch name is going to be changed to Dark Witch.

The Bats and the Dark Witch were added to the files of Clash Royale last update (2 Days ago),

And as mentioned in, This is how it goes:

It mentions this is a DRAFT challenge, but also a double-elixir – so I THINK this is going to ba a “Draft Challenge Insane”

One Time Rewards:

The wins are unknown to me, but the order is.

100 Gems
5,000 Gold
Giant Chest
20 Dark Princes (Probably because they both “dark”)
A Dark Witch card

Two New Cards Trap And elixir Monster

The elixir monster and trap were officially leaked in Clash Royale by the Clash Royale twitter account today Check Out here ! Now, it is April Fool’s Day, so you might be thinking that this is all a joke, but I’m fairly confident it’s not! Here is the troll April Fool’s Day tweet that Clash Royale sent out

Now the “Future of Clan Battles” is obviously Dose noe look real but If you look on the bottom left Then You will see this picture of the trap which was leaked Last Month by Opegit Studio

But besides the trap there is a another another new troop that Supercell talked before in the first episode Radio Royale which was **The Elixir Monster** and Now They Leaked This Card on April Fool’s Day As you can see in below image

Also If you will see above Post There are some Level 10 Epics (look at the Bowler and Baby Dragon) and x6 Elixir time Of course newt we have **Ultra Magical chest** which is also share by Supercell so take a close look at this chest below

Some Other Changes

Taunt limit increased to 100 (from 15)
Elixir bar during spectating is disabled (both for friend and enemy)
clan battle chest: needed total victory increased to 275 (from 110)
Ultra Magical Chest
Supersell share a YouTube link to Galadon gaming regarding Ultra Magical chest.This new chest is rewarded after a “perfect match” as we heard in Galadon gaming that has a lot of rules what you need to do – in fact, in the whole history of Clash Royale, there has never been a “perfect match” because neither the “perfect match” algorithm nor the Ultra Magical Chest exists so Its Look Fake Or Maybe Thay made us April Fool Clash Royale 2017 April Update Leak

If You atthe rewards of this ultra Chest, it would have been way too nice to have a chest like that in the game, not even rewarding any common cards If Want To know more about of This Chest please take a Look at Galadon gaming Video Below Thanks for reading this Guide and comment down below what you think of these new troops and Ultra Chest Is it Real For They just made us April Fool

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