Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising Guide for New Player

Welcome to our Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising Guide, in this article you will find information about User Information, Map & Boss Weapons & Skill Set and other usefull tips & tricks. Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising is a rpg game published by BluePotion Games.

So Without wasting any time let’s jump into the article. if you love playing rpg game the you must check out our Ode to Alchemist Tier List & Beginner Guide page

Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising Guide for New Player

Interface & Ability Guide

Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising Guide

1. User Information

Tap the Profile image to view and equip frames & costumes.
Tap Diamond to view the resources in possession.
Inbox & Settings

2. Map & Boss

Move to another stage or challenge Boss stage.

3. Info Menu

Check missions, ranking, ads buffs, achievements and Season Pass progress,

4. Offline idle chest

5. Chat

6. Weapons & Skill Set

Weapon change, active/passive skills, and automatic skill use feature

Skill preset no. 1, 2, and 3

7. Ability Content

You can selecte a new type of weapon after clearing the promotion trials.

8. Level-up

Accout Level-up by EXP
Stat level-up using Gold

9. Content Menu

Tap the same menu to minimize the menu screen.


Skills are largely divided into 2 types: for the company and for bosses.

When you kill yourself, you use only the 3rd skill in a place where you want to use the 3rd skill, and when you catch a boss, you use only the 4th skill and the 6th skill.

Occasionally, there are people who use the 3rd and 4th skills at the company, but then the monsters are slow, so it is slow to acquire everything.

​Company Skills – Mobility, Beast, Spirit, Berserk OR Ferocity, Frenzy

​I passed the boss because I had to use it according to each situation.

​How to unlock a skill – If you press and hold the active skill you want to lock, a black clock appears and the skill stop is displayed.

Press and hold again to use the skill.

(Please upgrade skills 1,2,5)


Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising Guide

1. Weapon Type

Change the weapon type here.

2. Equipment Iype

View equipment by type

3. Weapon Mastery

You can acquire Mastery EXP for defeating the enemies using the respective weapon, and
level up the Mastery level when the gauge is full. The stats increase when you level up.

4. Equipment List

View equipment in possession

You can acquire the equipment of a higher grade through fusion, if you have five same equipment.

In a same grade, the equipement with more star is stronger.

The grades of equipment

  • Common
  • LOW
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Demonic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic
  • Awakend HIGH

Weapons increase ATK, and rings increase HP

I recommend the Claw or Revolver.

Claws are trending these days.

If you draw a weapon and get a mythical grade, don’t strengthen only that one, but strengthen it in order starting from white.

Ruby looks good. Ruby is more precious than Daya in this game.


Your familiar will usually start to die after being hit by one hit from a disaster or nightmare, but you can use the skill (incense) at this time.

Incense is invincible for 10 seconds, so you can clear it by killing it within 10 seconds.


Mines – If there are too many tickets left, take it back (apply to black)

Ogre Fight – Free 2 times + 5 times 7 times a day (blackening applied)

Sorcery Smelting – Spin only 5 times a day and get rewards

Interstitial Geck – You can spin 3 times, but you don’t have to do it 3 times consistently.

Say disaster – Be sure to add 1 time with sorcery and drink it 4 times a day (apply blackening)

Insulting the Former Demon King – You can go around 3 times, but if you go around all the rest except the mine, try it.


Summons – Be sure to take the free ad summons.

Package – Gold (applied black), Daya, Ruby 9:00 AM reset

Purchase a Dungeon Destroyer once a day (2 tickets-Daya 500).

Goods – Pass

Ancient Shop – Pass

Exchange – Exchange 200 Ruby for 1000 each of 5 Souls

Exchange 4 times daily with an additional 1 time for witchcraft.


​Enhancement – Attack, Stamina, Retrieval, Chigong, Accuracy, One Flash (appears when accuracy is 100%), One Flash Probability (appears when accuracy is 100%)

In reinforcement, the tip increases by 4 per up when the attack power reaches 100,000, and increases to 5 when the attack power exceeds 100,000, helping to increase the attack power.

​Magic Power – Power (Ball), Citadel (City), Restoration (Chaehoe), Composure (Chi-Gong), Bad Luck (Capture), Gaze (Accuracy), Shadow (Avoidance)

When it comes to magic, it’s called potential.

There are 5 windows from potential to A to E. All 5 can be combined, so don’t focus only on A, but focus on all 5 ABCDEs. current power. Calm down, bad luck is best.

Now you have a beginner guide, Have fun in the game

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