Dawnlands Beginner Guide Wiki – Review & First Impression

Dawnlands is the latest role-playing open-world survival game where you delve into an ancient world full of adventures. The game was initially called New Dawns, developed by SEASUN games. The game feels more like an open-world adventure when you first get into it. It has adventures filled with excitement, progress, and threats of Darkness. The game offers you the experience of becoming a savior and having fantastic landscapes and stories to explore. The game still has a lot of work pending, but Android users can get early access to the game. iOS and Steam users will have to wait a bit.

The Story

As I began playing the game, I was immediately drawn in by the fascinating backstory. The game tells the tale of a benevolent Goddess who brought peace to the world. But her reign was threatened by the emergence of a Demon Lord from the darkness, who sought to destroy humanity. The Goddess protected the people and cursed the demon, but he would not be vanquished. He returned, wielding the curse used against him, bringing misery and suffering to the land. It was up to the Warriors of the Goddess to fight back and protect humanity from falling into death and destruction. And it is as one of these warriors, a follower of the Goddess, that you will take on the role of the game’s protagonist.

Dawnlands review


In the Dawnlands, you can explore a world filled with diverse biomes, ancient artifacts, and puzzling riddles. This land has been untouched for ages, waiting for you to uncover its secrets and write your own story. But surviving in this harsh environment won’t be easy. You’ll need to gather resources and use them wisely to build your own shelter and defend against potential threats. Only then can you fulfill your destiny as the world’s savior and banish the darkness that threatens to consume it.

Unlike other games, this one offers a truly unique experience. In addition to an engaging story, it allows you to craft your own tale through various in-game choices and progression. With a wide range of items to collect and craft, the possibilities are endless. Dawnlands offers multiplayer support for up to four players, allowing you to explore the game’s world either alone or with friends. You can visit your friend’s land, invite them to yours, or join random worlds recommended by the game to meet new players. Gather your friends and embark on a fun and exciting adventure together in Dawnlands.

In addition to that, the graphics of this game are insane. These are the most satisfying graphics I’ve ever experienced from gacha genre. This looks and feels precisely like Genshin. I’m surprised the Devs of this game were able to make it a manageable size at only about 600 MB.

The Experience

Dawnlands Battle Gameplay

The game is filled with enemies from the underworld that you must defeat to bring light to the darkness unleashed by the demons. As you journey through the game world, you will encounter numerous relics imbued with dark energy. Your task is to purify these relics and protect the location from the darkness by defeating the demons. In your adventures, you may encounter even larger and more powerful demons. Still, with determination and skill, you can overcome them and bring light back to the world.

In battle, you can use various weapons to defeat the demons and their underlings. You can tailor your character to your playstyle with all the customization options available. However, I suggest taking your time while building up your character. I think there are better ways to play the game than rushing into combat. Other aspects of the game, such as building and crafting, can help you improve and become more powerful. I encourage you to take on side missions and explore the world rather than rushing to defeat the beasts. By becoming overpowered, you can kill the beasts quickly and efficiently, making your gameplay more enjoyable.

Dawnlands Environment

The best part about the game is that there’s a multiplayer option available. You can call a friend or a group of friends to accomplish these missions if you feel like not doing it alone. The game allows you to have up to four party members, including you. You will always come across dangerous or difficult missions. The best way to go through it is with your friends.

If you’re interested in playing this game, download the early access version from the Play Store. Remember that the game is still in testing, so it may not be as smooth as the final release. However, you can try it out and see if you enjoy the gameplay and mechanics.

And in a sea of MOBA-gacha games, this one stands out as a true original. So why not try it and see what kind of story you can create?

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