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Welcome to Destiny Unleashed Trello, Destiny Unleashed Demo will be open from 2pm EST on December 16th to 8pm EST on December 18th. The game is very fun to play which means you ca travel the world, discover hidden secrets, unlock powerful abilities, defeat challenging bosses, and become the strongest in Destiny Unleashed.

Destiny Unleashed Demo is now available on Roblox and you can try this game for free, Now Let’s jump in this guide

Destiny Unleashed [Demo] Trello

[Demo] Destiny Unleashed Trello


When joining the game, players are presented with three options:

  • Play, which teleports the player to the game and to their last set spawn
  • Customize, which allows the player to customize their character
  • Party Hub, which teleports the player to a hub where players can find others to play with, and potentially trade (in the future)

There will also be a menu on screen somewhere to create/join private servers, and likely another to see friends who are in game with an option to join them (would display player count in server to ensure it isn’t full)


Leveling up gives slightly more damage and health overall, but putting points into your attributes is what will have the most impact on your damage and resistance to damage

Gain experience to level up which grants you 2-3 stat points to distribute to the following attributes:

  • Strength (increases physical damage)
  • Energy (increases non-physical damage)
  • Defense (increases physical resistance)
  • Spirit (increases non-physical resistance)
  • Speed (increases movement speed)
  • Stamina (increases max stamina)


Relatively simple inventory system which allows you to manage and equip your items

The inventory has no max item limit, and can display all items at once or separately through a few categories (weapons, consumables, gear)

Items can be one of several different types including:

  • Weapons
  • Consumables
  • Materials
  • Quest Items (can’t be traded, dropped, or sold)
  • Headgear
  • Armor
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Relics

Each item has a rarity which influences its stats/value, these rarities are:

  • Common (1 star)
  • Uncommon (2 stars)
  • Rare (3 stars)
  • Epic (change name?) (4 stars)
  • Legendary(5 stars)
  • Mythical (6 stars)
  • Unreal (6 black stars)


Relics and accessories each have their own rarity outlined in the Inventory subsection, which determines the magnitude of their bonus

Certain relics may be able to be fused together to create a better relic (could have two relics, one which gives a burn DOT effect, and another which gives an extra jump, and combine them to have flame effects when you jump while having the burn DOT when you attack)

You’ll be able to sell your weapons and gear at different merchants around the map. Some will offer better prices than others, and the price your items sell at will depend on things like their rarities (sell prices will likely vary between 5-10%).

Having a full set of a specific “armor name” can give an additional bonus.

Combat & Classes

Players start the game out with the fist tool, which allows them to do simple punches

Abilities are obtained by getting a class (through souls), or getting weapons (shops/npc drops)

Only one class and one weapon is able to be equipped at one time

Classes will mostly involve abilities which don’t require a handheld weapon to be equipped, whereas weapons will obviously be limited to physical weapons

Both classes and weapons can have anywhere from 2-7 abilities (will likely increase with rarity), but classes will usually have more than weapons

Need to decide on whether blocking will be a thing or not, if so it would need to have very good balance with regards to how much damage it blocks and how long it lasts/punishments for overdoing it (something like extra long stun)


Several types of quest will exist including:

  • Find item
  • Rescue npc
  • Defeat number of enemies
  • Defeat boss
  • Raid dungeon
  • Raid boss
  • Defend npc/statue

Quests will have cooldowns which correspond with their rewards

Randomly generated one-time quests can be found on notice boards in towns which have higher rewards but can only be done once


Raids (dungeons and bosses) would be started by going to a location on the map, where you can join up with up to 4 others to try the raid

A countdown will be shown at the location for when the next teleport is, once the time has run out everyone present (up to 5 people) will be teleported to where the boss/dungeon are at (which will be in a separate place)

Raid bosses would only have a few npcs before getting to the boss, whereas dungeons will be filled with puzzles, traps, hidden treasure, and many more npcs before reaching the boss at the end (who would be less powerful than raid bosses are)

Dungeons could have an aspect of random generation to them to prevent players from knowing all the loot spots

Raids will likely only be available in certain time intervals, like every hour or two (higher up raids might be available only at certain times of the day, like at 4 different times in the day to be available for all timezones)


You’ll be able to travel to fast travel points after unlocking them for the first time (will likely require you to spend yen or something to unlock them or to travel each time, and can’t be used while in combat)

Climbing, multiple jumps, rolls (climbing and jumps might be unlocked over time)

As of now that’s was our [Demo] Destiny Unleashed Trello, we hope you like it.

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