Dragonheir Silent Gods Characters Tier List & Gear Set Guide

Looking for Dragonheir Silent Gods Characters Tier List? if yes, then Our Dragonheir Silent Gods Characters Tier List is going to help you find the best characters in Dragonheir Silent Gods.

Since the game has launched with a ridiculous number of  heroes, and it can be difficult to determine who’s actually useful and who isn’t. To help you out, here’s our tier list for Dragonheir Silent Gods.

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Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List – Characters Guide

Legendary Characters

  • Errich
  • Flora
  • Khrysos
  • Jathal
  • Ivellios
  • Grishnaar
  • Huberg
  • Acilia
  • Hvitar
  • Ptolemy

Epic Characters

  • Zraacs
  • Horus
  • Usk
  • Saggero
  • Schatt
  • Lydia
  • Gillian
  • Kamari
  • Clovis
  • Dokrazz
  • Vidimir
  • Zadok

Rare Characters

  • Beags
  • Nedda
  • Dench
  • Eli
  • Jekyll
  • Enna
  • Elena
  • Immeral
  • Wellby
  • Hegio
  • Bellick
  • Dullard
  • Korth

Uncommon Characters

  • Achuka
  • Troll Fighter
  • Pagog
  • Wood Elf Guard
  • Ront

Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List

Dragonheir Silent Gods Characters Function

Legendary Characters

Errich – Single target skill damage
Flora – Single target skill damage
Khrysos – Teamwide shielding/healing, teamwide attack penalty III
Jathal – Teamwide atk buff, enemy max hp % skill dmg, resurrection block
Ivellios – Single target damage (mostly), atk speed buff, single target defense debuff III
Grishnaar – Return dmg to attackers, single ally protection, self def buff aoe atk and atk speed debuff III
Huberg – Aoe skill damage
Acilia – Aoe healing, debuff cleanse, debuff immunity
Hvitar – Execute low enemies, aoe/teamwide skill damage
Ptolemy  – Summon large aoe dmg, buff summon dmg

Epic Characters

Zraacs – Summon burn and defense penalty spam, aoe skill damage
Horus – Self shield spam, taunt, self dmg reduction
Usk – Burn spam, self dmg reduction, aoe skill damage, detonate burn
Saggero – Single target basic damage, backline access, teamwide attack buff III if ult kills something
Schatt – Aoe basic attacks and ability damage, teamwide basic attack onhit damage buff
Lydia – Self shield spam, self immortality, teamwide control immunity
Gillian – Single target regen spam, teamwide heal and skill bar boost
Loren – Single target rally and attack buff
Kamari – Def buff, knock away, revive/heal
Clovis – Stacking self def buff, single target taunt and ult recharge time extend
Dokrazz – Spams frost on whole enemy team, self atk and atk speed buff III, aoe defense penalty III
Vidimir – Single target basic attack damage, aoe skill damage
Zadok – Summon damage, duplicate and buff another summon, bonus damage when summons die

Rare Characters

Beags – Basic attack burn spam, teamwide attack buff II, aoe skill damage and burn
Nedda – 60% modified wild chance and 4 second skill stacks Errich’s passive. Single defense penalty III
Dench – Basic attack poison spam and damage, aoe skill poison spam and damage
Eli – Basic attack and skill damage to poisoned targets
Jekyll – Single target atk debuff II, heal block and recharge time extend
Enna – Cleanse 1 debuff and heal team
Elena – Single target ally shield, aoe buff dispell and attack penalty 2, aoe skill damage
Immeral – Self buff attack and attack speed I, aoe defense penalty I
Wellby – Teamwide attack buff I, large aoe vulnerability III debuff, skill damage, rally synergy
Hegio – Aoe defense penalty II, skill damage, rally synergy
Bellick – Passive damage mitigation, single target attack penalty II, self defense up I and recovery over time
Dullard – Passive situational shield, 3 second aoe stun, aoe knock away
Korth – Summon damage, buff summon attack I and summon attack speed III

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