Eternal Ember Guide – Farmings Tips & AFK Guide

One of the best ways to understand the depths of any game is by reading a thorough beginner’s guide for it. In this Eternal Ember guide, we will be listing out some Eternal Ember farming Tips & AFK Farm Guide. These tips can help you to farm efficiently and have a good beginning in the game.

Here’s a complete guide on Eternal Ember farmings tips & AFK guide.

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Eternal Ember Guide Wiki – Farmings Tips

How to choose which Map/Zone to farm & Farming Mats?

Different Zones of Map, have different type of Mobs.
> 1st Map of Zone have Physical/Non-Ranged mobs making it easier to farm ’em.
> 2nd Map of Zone have Ranged mobs added to the mix, making things little harder.
> 3rd Map has Boss added to it all..
> To give example, At Level 31-32 of your Heroes you should farm 2nd zone – Boneyard of Eastern Highland. At 33-34, Farm 2nd level of Lava Canyon.

Also, You should ignore the Boss Zones altogether for farming because the EXP/Hour remains same in 2nd and 3rd map of all Zones. Just Kill the boss when he spawns & come back to farm in the 2nd Map.

Problem arises when you hit 27/37 level, The mobs become almost equal to level of your heroes and EXP/hour reduce a lot. So, the Real slog-fest starts at higher levels. (For Ex.) You get about 800k/hour EXP at early 40s, then 750k/hour in mid 40s and 650k/hour in late 40s.

Farming Mats

  • Try to get all the items in the [MATERIAL SHOP] on Daily basis.
  • Divide your team into 3 and put them in all Zones of that single Map to get the drops every day.
  • You can Farm for [Healing Potions] in Maps that hit your heroes for damage to 1. Generally, A single Zone of the Map can provide with average of 60-80 Healing Potions/Hour. SO, Putting your Heroes in team of three – can let you roughly 200 Potions and around 50k-100k coins (depending on your level) within hour, and you can then use them in offline for few hours.
  • Buy [Skill Books], [Crystal] and [Dust] on Daily basis. Trust me, you will never have enough of ’em. Don’t buy [Void Crystal] or [Potions] – Farming them is easy.

How to Maximize the amount of EXP… you get?

Always Use “SHAMAN” as her “EXP BUFF” is a boon and her healing Skill is not too shabby either.
> Once you hit level 40, You can control if you wish to level up Hero or not.
> Don’t level up Shaman too quickly (like me) as you need to use her with all Party Config and all times, she will have maximum EXP anyway.

Effect of Shaman’s buff >>

Shaman Exp is fixed.

Without Shaman EXP:

With Shaman EXP:

The [One for All] talent from RAVAGE skill tree – is stackable, if taken on all Heroes. You can always buy [Amnesiac Stone] from Grocery Shop to reset Talents of Heroes, even the main Talent Tree.

So, YES – It is Possible to get 48% [20% from Shaman + 28% from 4 stacked “One for all”] overall more EXP/Kill – which is A LOT. Shaman’s Skill level goes beyond level 5, so it’s possible to gain even more (If you are rich) – it is even possible to go beyond +48%.

Don’t Let the difference between Heroes grow beyond a level of 3/4. So, if you are farming in Sanguine Desert, then if your Highest hero is 57/58 then the lowest Hero must not be below 53/54. Reason is that level 57/58 Hero will not just reduce the overall total EXP. earned by team but will also take most chunk out of total EXP.

Keeping the above point in mind: You can get more EXP., if you keep Heroes below the hidden level of Mobs. To find the hidden level you just need to observe that once heroes hit 47/57/67 levels, the EXP gained is reduced drastically in the given Zones.

Finally, You can’t FARM – if you can’t SURVIVE. So, Yes, you get More EXP. at Level of 44/54/64 per kill than at Level 47/57/67…. but, you can get the Weapon at 47/57/67, which helps you kill faster. It also increases your survivability.

Eternal Ember AFK Farm Guide

If you are going to make an AFK farm, there are 2 important issues you need to know.

Choose the 1st one of the 3 sections on each map. Since there are no creatures that shoot from afar in the 1st map, your team will continue to farm in the position you left, and your potion consumption will be minimized as the tank hero will take the damage.

Most importantly, never leave the Hunter and Shaman with your team when you leave AFK Farm. As for the reasons. The Hunter’s bear keeps the creatures ahead and causes your team to move from a fixed position. this will either cause you to spend too many potions or cause your weak heroes to die.

In the Shaman example, the hero disrupts the position of the team because he cannot move from the place where he has set up the totem.

This is why heroes get confused when they can’t return to where they need to go, and if their armor is low, they die. This AFK is undesirable on the farm. So I recommend supporting the Priest in AFK farm.

My strategy when I just started was to quickly power-up the first four heroes and comfortably kill all the bosses.

If you try to keep the eight heroes balanced, a gap will begin to form between you as your opponents advance faster than you and kill more bosses. so you have to choose 1 tank 1 support 2 attack heroes. As AFK farm, I got the best efficiency with 4 crusader / sorcerer / ranger / priest.

Finally, the Necro is a more useful choice than the Crusader for farming on the Ice map. Crusader is good for tanking single heavy damage as it gets self buffs. Necro increases the chance of survival for the entire team as it reduces the damage done by creatures while farming.

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