Ever Legion Tier List (Best Character Guide)

Ever Legion game has so many characters that it might be difficult to decide which ones to devote your time and energy to master. You should always choose intelligently because upgrading them is going to be a grind in the later stages of the game.

You can see which heroes are worthwhile and which should be ignored by reading this Ever Legion tier list that I have developed. As with any tier list, this also contains personal opinions and the positions of some heroes may well be controversial. You can also express your opinion in the comments section below.

So, let’s get started.

Ever Legion Tier List

Ever Legion Tier List – Best Characters

The tiers are as follows: S > A > B > C, with S-tier characters being the strongest and C-tier characters being the weakest of them all.

S Tier


Fearful Approach: Ahasver uses diabolical magic to disable the furthest enemy from attacking for a few seconds and forcing them to move towards him. When the enemy reaches him, he will attack them for damage.

Burnt Out: Ahasver cloaks his body in flames, causing damage to all enemies. This skill will also prevent enemies from casting their ultimate skills for several seconds.

Violent Tendencies: Ahasver’s presence in battle fills nearby allies with rage. Every few seconds he is on the field, nearby allies will restore certain points of energy.


Whiplash: Asmodai’s torturous whip deals damage to all targets in her path, including friendlies. Any allies that are damaged by this skill will recover energy and receive an agility boost for several seconds.

Killer Charm: Asmodai’s charm takes the enemy’s breath away, causing damage and lowering the damage they deal to Asmodai for several seconds. Asmodai will also leech part of the target’s health into her own each second.

Schadenfreude: When any non-summoned allies lose health, Asmodai will siphon a percentage of the health lost.


The Other Me: The Kthir of two different dimensions attack an enemy target to deal damage multiple times, with the final attack causing damage twice. While this skill is active, both Kthirs will be impervious to control effects, but either of them taking damage will reduce the Kthir’s health.

On Solid Ground: Kthir gradually becomes accustomed to this plane of existence. After several seconds of battle, the power of his regular attacks will increase, and they will now land twice for damage on each hit.

Perverse Pressure: Damage dealt to enemies with a lower health percentage than Kthir is increased.


Shiver Shot: Aaranella fires an icy arrow, inflicting physical damage on her target and reducing their attack speed.

Barbed Barrage: Aaranella’s arrows leave her enemies bleeding. Bleeding causes enemies to continuously lose health and healing effects used on bleeding Heroes are less effective. Bleeding effects can be stacked on a single enemy for a limited time.

Raining Arrows: Aaranella rains a barrage of arrows down on the enemy, each of the arrows dealing a certain amount of damage.


Almighty Judgement: Olivier created a powerful shockwave, knocking nearby enemies over and dealing damage.

Ivory Shield: Olivier spawns a blessed shield that is able to reduce the damage received for several seconds. Olivier will lower this shield in favor of his ultimate skill when it is available.

Divine Guard: Olivier blesses all of his allies with a divine shield that reduces damage for several seconds.


Butcher’s Blade: Kaspar knocks over a nearby foe for several seconds, attacking them multiple times while they are down.

On The Hook: When there are no enemies in Kaspar’s immediate vicinity, he will pull an enemy in towards him, prioritizing the target directly opposite of him.

Dexterous Butcher: When enemies are vulnerable to Kaspar’s “Crush the Weak” skill, he will try to use “On the Hook” to pull them into his attack range.

A Tier


Tectonic Shift: Holiburn smashes his enemies into the ground with his fists, inflicting damage and briefly stunning them.

Catch!: Holiburn picks up an enemy and throws them at their allies, inflicting damage on those foes standing closest to where their comrade lands.

Early Spring: With the runes carved onto his body glowing brightly, Holiburn gains a boost to his attack attribute.


Firmly Rooted: Lailoken commands tree roots to sprout from the ground, ensnaring random enemy Heroes and inflicting damage on each of them. While ensnared, enemies will take continuous damage, and are unable to take action or avoid attacks.

Thorn Wall: Wrapping an ally in a whirlwind of protective thorns, Lailoken inflicts magical damage on any enemy Hero that harms his ally. The thorn shield can inflict damage on the attacker.

Nature’s Fury: Lailoken brings down bolts of lightning on the enemy, each bolt inflicting magical damage, with no more than 1 bolt hitting any individual enemy Hero.


Siren Song: Melusine charms one of her foes, compelling the enemy Hero to attack their own allies while suffering the damage she inflicts on them.

Water of Life: Melusine’s healing powers increase in their effectiveness.

Tidal Blessing: Drawing deeply on the powers of the sea, Melusine channels healing to every friendly Hero on the field.


Hair-Raising Howl: Grukzag lets out a thunderous war cry, causing nearby enemies to run in fear. Any physical injuries enemies receive while terrified will cause more damage than they would otherwise.

Inner Drive: As Grukzag’s health falls, the damage inflicted by his attacks increases incrementally.

Adrenaline: In every battle, Grukzag can survive a single blow that would otherwise have proved fatal, retaining a single point of health and becoming immune to all damage.


Eye For An Eye: When Malakith is targeted by an enemy, he will completely avoid damage and instantly retaliate by warping in front of the attacker and dealing damage. This skill is refreshed every few seconds.

Shadow Swap: Malakith swaps positions with the enemy target directly opposite of him at the beginning of the battle. Any damage that the swapped enemy receives will be increased for several seconds.

Seeds Of Hatred: When any non-summoned allies within certain levels of Hans are defeated, his attack rating will be increased.

B Tier


Eldritch Flame: Velnak casts a projectile at an enemy target, dealing damage and stunning them for a brief period. Afterward, the projectile fragments into lesser projectiles that target other nearby enemies.

Scorching Shield: Velnak grants a magical aura to the front-most allied Hero for several seconds, causing damage per second to nearby enemies.

True Foresight: A percentage of Velnak’s total damage output is converted into her attack attribute.


Philanthropic Parasite: Donnith drains the life of his enemies to heal his allies, inflicting damage to provide healing equivalent to a percentage of the damage he inflicts.

Carrion Feeder: Whenever a Hero dies on the battlefield, friend or foe, Donnith consumes their souls, recovering energy and health from each fallen Hero.

Death Knell: Donnith lands a powerful blow on his weakest enemy.


Scalding Salvo: Selecting targets at random, Katerina hurls three fireballs at the enemy, each inflicting a certain amount of damage.

Firewall: By swirling fireballs around her weakest ally, Katerina summons up a shield capable of mitigating a part of her attack attribute in magical damage.

Flowering Inferno: Submerging all who stand before her in a wave of flame, Katerine inflicts damage on any enemy Hero caught beneath the wave.

C Tier


Cursed Fire: Summons an unworldly flame to the battlefield that deals area damage.

Dark Void: A Dark Void is opened above the enemy with the highest health, warping them away from their weakest ally and inflicting area damage where they land.

Deadly Spell: Grants 1 Spell Point for each point of energy that is stripped from the enemy.


Possessed Projectile: Herla fires a cursed arrow at an enemy, dealing damage. The cursed arrow spawns a spectre to haunt the enemy for several seconds. Herla’s spectres will attack their targets once every few seconds.

Death Becomes Me: When any Hero on the field dies, a spectre will be spawned to haunt a nearby enemy.

Ensnaring Strike: When Herla lands a critical hit, the enemy target will be haunted by a spectre.

So here is how I rank each character available in the Ever Legion tier list. Leave your thoughts, opinions, or suggestions in the comment box below.

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