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One of the best ways to understand the depths of any game is by reading a thorough beginner’s guide for it. In this Gate of Ages Eon Strife Guide, You will learn about Characters Race Abilities, Influence, and Map.

Here’s a complete guide on Gate of Ages Eon Strife.

Gate of Ages Eon Strife Guide Wiki


U get roads with this Stronghold upgrade at level 5:

The building can be upgraded 4 times increasing the bonus for connection by 5% up to 25%(this affect resources output) and 50 roads

Roads connect to Stronghold and will show a litter Icon in the lower corner to show that the tile is connected to the Stronghold

Gate of Ages Eon Strife Guide

Resources tiles will also act as passive roads

Roads build over resources will destroy this ones Be aware of destroying accidentally high level resource tiles and destroying the road will not bring it back You will need to colonise the land before building the road

When you start building the road the tile you are building it in stop counting to your max tile cap.

Gate of Ages Eon Strife Guide

Decrees regenerate every hour and will be necessary for any kind of building, some special buildings like camps required more that one decree, so always be aware of this ones


power might be one of the main features of your army, it is the main way to recognise what you can go against and what not, but at the moment of looking to neutral land is kinda tricky.

Gate of Ages Eon Strife Guide

The power of neutral land is displayed as defenders as we can see here it only have 1050 power

Power can also have a time a # which represent the amount of armies with that power. So in here there a re two armies with 70k power that would be a total of 140k

Castles and cities also have power and various armies at it disposal, the only difference is the durability bar which will need to come down to zero to gain control of this one

In order to gain higher level land with a lower necessary power you would found yourself using the scout button to see the commanders of that territory(only shows the first army and castles cant be scout) by seeing this one you can make the best possible team to beat their army in both synergy and counter.

The army counters are pretty simple to understand, melee beats archer, archer beats mage, mage beats melee

The complicated part is to find the best characters for each each fight. In a character info we can see various things like rank, stamina, level, and respective stats

The only ones that really need explanation are the last two speed and siege. Speed is how fast the character will act with in the fight, the character with most speed will act first and the slowest will be last, every character acts only ones each round and their power act as their hp basically(all abilities can be cast in the same round depending on the character). Lastly siege represent the damage that the character will do to a castle durability.

Gate of Ages Eon Strife Characters Race Abilities

Every race have a distinguished ability that varies depending on the rarity of the character.


Star seekers have probability of 50% of increasing ability power by a certain percent

  • Legend: 10%-20%
  • Rare: 8%-16%
  • High: 6%-12%


Shanhai have probability of 60% of increasing highest stat by a certain amount

  • Legend: 6-35
  • Rare: 4.8-28
  • High: 3.6-21


Archimenos have an increase critical rate

  • Legend: 20%-30%
  • Rare: 16%-24%
  • High: 12%-18%


Thunder a certain provability to inflict paralysis

  • Legend: 40%-70%
  • Rare: 32%-56%
  • High: 24%-42%


Will hit troops with higher power represented in percentage

  • Legend: 8%-12%
  • Rare: 6.4%-9.6%
  • High: 4.8%-7.2%


Elf mainly focus on reducing the speed of the enemy by a percentage

  • Legend: 5%-8%
  • Rare: 4%-6.4%
  • High: 3%-4.8%


Giants will have a possibility to inflict taunt in the enemy forcing them to attack them:

  • Legend: 60%-100%
  • Rare: 48%-80%
  • High: 36%-60%


They will have a possibility to decrease the enemy highest stats by a certain amount:

  • Legend: 20-45
  • Rare: 16-36
  • High: 12-27


Influence is gained from getting land and building camp, the higher the levels of this ones the more influence you gain

Land Cap is directly related to your max influence, you will get one more land cap every 24 hours or by completing quests

Ones you reach a max land cap of 60 you can build a mine and a workshop, a mine produce 100 copper coins times the level of the building and the workshop 800 of every resource times the level

The workshop can only be build over lvl 7 and the mine over lvl 6 tiles


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