Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers Guide (Updated)

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Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers Guide

Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers

Q: Who is known as the “King of Rock and Roll?”
A: Elvis Presley

Q: How many seconds in a day?
A: 86400

Q: The strait between the Indian and the Pacific oceans?
A: Malacca

Q: The tallest building in the US?
A: One World Trade Center

Q: What is the toothiest animal on Earth?
A: Snail

Q: What is the name of Simba and Nala’s daughter?
A: Kiara

Q: Which ocean are the Hawaii situated in?
A: Pacific

Q: Who originally wrote and originally recorded the song “I will always love you?”
A: Dolly Parton

Q: The hardest mineral?
A: Diamond

Q: The river with the largest basin?
A: Amazon

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