Improve Wingman aim on Apex Legends

Wingman is a no-brainer, the hardest weapon in the game to master, yet the most powerful. It’s a semi-automatic revolver with sniper-class ammo. This weapon is both destructive and efficient in battle. Yet, people hardly use it. Early season it was the most dominant weapon in Apex Legends. People doubted its effectiveness after countless nerfs. The Devs had it rough nerfing the gun and kept running out of ideas to make it “balanced.” In my opinion, it’s still viable as long as you hit your shots, and that is the hardest part about this weapon: it’s hard to master.

Apex Legends Wingman Guide

I play this weapon consistently because of a multitude of reasons. Wingman offers faster reload time, efficient use of ammo, and damage output, and it’s the best weapon for a 1v3 situation. The DPS of this weapon is considerably lower than other automatic weapons, but if you’re good at it, it is very effective. It’s better for a 1v3 because you will empty your whole mag on a 301 or a flat line while only needing a fraction of its effort using this weapon. But I can’t go without mentioning its deadly headshot damage, with or without a skull-piercer. For a 1v3, you must hit headshots as well.

Basic Wingman stats:

Weapon type Pistol
Ammo type Sniper class
Fire Modes Semi-auto
Hop-Up Boosted loader, Skullpiercer
RPM 156
DPS 117
Magazine 6/7/8/9 and 9/10/11 with Boosted loader
Reload time 2.1 and 1.4 with Boosted loader.
Body damage 45
Headshot 97 (2.15x) and 113 (2.5x) with Skullpiercer
Legs 41 (0.9x)

Flicking vs. Tracking

There are two ways to play this weapon: flicking or tracking. You have to be good at both, if not the best. In most cases, tracking is more critical than flicking because flicking is unrealistic in most fights. At the same time, if you’re a controller player, don’t flick. People don’t realize how often we don’t flick to hit shots. Whether you should flick comes down to what you’re using for optics. You might find yourself flicking when you’re on iron sight and tracking while with an HCOG. The range also plays a role in how you shoot the weapon. For example, you wouldn’t be flicking with this weapon in long-range fights. Tracking is most effective in this case. The best thing you can do to improve your gunfights now is to practice tracking in Aim Labs.


The lower the sens, the better it is for you to aim. Unfortunately, I play at a very high sens since I have a less extensive desk setup. Lower sensitivity will help you track more accurately. Since I play at very high sensitivity, I typically try to pick up Wingman. Tracking with assault rifles attached to a mid-range optic is a nightmare for me. Especially when I run out of desk space. If you are going through the same thing, I recommend playing Wingman.

Iron sight vs. 1x HCOG

Iron sight vs. 1x HCOG

Whether you play on an HCOG or iron sight on purpose is completely up to your preference. You should use 1x HCOG because of its versatility in long, mid, and close-range fights.

The effectiveness of iron sight in mid to long range may seem hard to near impossible to hit your shots. Some may hit more shots with an iron sight than with an optic attached to it. Although versatility is why you may come across most pros picking up HCOG and going ham with it. Whenever you come across 1X HCOG, please pick it up because it will be great at multiple ranges.

Close-range fights

Apex legends close range fights

Wingman is very hard in close-range combats. The most intriguing thing I often do in the range is fight the dummies up close. This allows you to feel when to hit fire. Also, take Wingman’s hip fire accuracy into consideration. The weapon is surprisingly very accurate when you hip fire. For optics in close-range fights, in most cases, I see iron sight being very good at close-range battles, but that’s very argumentative in the long run as you get better with the HCOG.

Pro tips: higher sensitivity will help you win gun fights at a very close range. So, find a sweet spot that is comfortable for multiple ranges.

Best Hop-up

Apex legends Hop-up

That brings us to the next question, which hop-up should you use for your wingman?

You should go with the skull-piercer because of the extra damage you get when you hit headshots. You never know when you may hit headshots with this weapon, but you eventually do. The better you get with this revolver, you’ll often find yourself hitting headshots. The headshot multiplier will play a significant role in a gunfight, and it’s satisfying to watch. The headshot damage multiplier gives you 113 dmg (2.5x) with the skull-piercer and 97 (2.15x) without the hop-up. The damage may vary depending on the helmet equipped by the enemy.

Movement with Wingman

Unlike any other weapon, you’re not punished for ADS, except for SMGs. Although, when shooting, SMGs do slow you down. With Wingman, you can strafe much faster than with any other weapon. This is a huge advantage relating to Wingman.

The final conclusion I want to draw about this weapon is that you need to learn to track in this game. Flicking is helpful, but you might find yourself tracking more in gunfights. So, if you want to improve your wingman gunfights, learn to track. Additionally, feel confident about picking up Wingman in actual games. Getting over your fear of playing Wingman in actual games is how you will improve. It’s the best pistol in the game.

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