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Welcome to the latest Inazuma Rebirth tier list wiki today – Right now Inazuma Rebirth is a popular team football game that is based on the anime series Inazuma eleven, Inazuma Eleven Go, and Inazuma Eleven Ares/Orion. In this game, you will be able to unlock your first hissatsu at level 7 with 350 cash. To help you pick the best hissatsu, I have created this Inazuma Rebirth hissatsu tier list today.

So, let’s begin.

Inazuma Rebirth Tier List

What is an Inazuma Rebirth Hissatsu Tier List Wiki?

Inazuma Rebirth hissatsu tier list is a ranking system that will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of each hissatsu in the game. By ranking all the hissatsu you will get a better understanding of the overall balance of the game and how different elements stack up against each other.

Inazuma Rebirth Tier List Today – Best Hissatsu

S Tier

  • Death Drop
  • Sonic Shot
  • Eternal Blizzard
  • Diamond Ray

A Tier

  • Mach Wind
  • Disaster Break
  • Double Jaw

B Tier

  • Sparks Edge
  • Ghost Lock
  • Kazaana Drive
  • Flame Dance
  • Lightninng Accel
  • Spiral Draw
  • The Wall

C Tier

  • Einstaz
  • Hunter Net
  • Fist Of Justice
  • Megaton Head

D Tier

  • Eternal Blizzard
  • Shoot Pocket
  • Drag Ball
  • Diamond Ray
  • DEF
  • God Hand
  • Holy Zone
  • Artemis Ring
  • Aurora
  • GK

How frequently do we update this Hissatsu Tier List?

The frequency with which this Inazuma Rebirth tier list will be updated will depend on the rate at which the game is being updated by the developer. Some common factors that will affect the change frequency of this tier list are:

  • Release of new Hissatsus.
  • Changes to existing Hissatsus through patches or updates.
  • Introduction of new tournaments or major competitive events.

That is all from this Inazuma Rebirth Tier List Wiki Today. You should check back regularly for any ranking updates.

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