King God Castle Beginner Guide 2023 For new player

Looking for King God Castle Beginner Guide 2023? Today we will tell you some tips and tricks for King God Castle. Due to raid and alliance system has been out for a while, wanting to share a aspect of categorised alliance hierarchy in order for ppl to have a aim and focus of how alliance works.

In this guide, you will also learn about the new items Cube of Power, Shard of Growth and Cube of EXP and Scroll’s of Blessing, So come and take a look at this King God Castle Beginner Guide 2023 For new player

King God Castle Beginner Guide 2023

Newbie Alliance, Beginner-friendly Alliance

Members that just started and didn’t know much about the game, raid, event and most of the game mechanic.

Members may also have castle levels that are less than 25. These alliance are more or less unable to reach King Rank due to some following reasons – Short motivation to the game, inactive members, lack of dedicated community or server, and most importantly, lack of guidance.

But being built by a few core members and willing to gather some common interests, by recruiting more players and improve as peers, in-time, they will jump into the next stage of alliance system.

Veteran Alliance, King Rank Alliance

Usually these alliance has a stable core members of boss attacking rate or member activity, so they are able to finish 60 bosses within a 10 days event, no matter how inexperience the players are. Players in these zone are also laid back and farming in a pace of it’s own.

Top 100 – top 26 alliances also falls into this category, as they usually has more major veteran members, and core members are usually having awaken heroes, a few of the raid strategies in hand.

The cause of these alliance dissolving is abit brutal in most cases, as they struggle between leisure farming pace and a competitive game modes within ranks, which they have to define where the game fun is and the progress pressure which are compared with others.

Top 25 Alliances, God Alliance

These alliances will usually set up requirements for their members, due to the need of maintaining their ranks. The benefit of these alliances is that they provide abit more gold bonuses to enhace their gaming progress, and most of them has a more structural guide and raiding system.

Coordination and a community will be needed for these kind of alliance, as mercs and raid attack tactics are needed to be discuss within.

The immense pressure usually falls on the management or the leader part of these alliances, as they need to handle each members precise dmg records and keep looking out for members who are able of dealing big parse within raids.

For competitive players and those who are starting but willing to challenge themselves, these are the jungles and wild west of where you may begin.

Top 5 Alliances, King God Alliance

Not much of a difference from above mentioning, but these alliance usually have some really old core members or players who really excels in-game in a short time limit by dedicated farming.

The retire rate and the flow of members are also in a rapid pace as the high pressure and the high challenge of dmg scores are mostly required in these alliances.

They usually have a strict coordination system compared to Top 25 alliances, and they won’t be as leisure while being more often hardcore in a way.

Players who try to apply to these alliance might have to have some degree of knowledge to current raid meta and a few required heroes awaken, in order to deal big parse within raids.

Alliance and raid is a part of the game, and also one of the major event in the time being. After reading this part, hopefully more players may have a clear view of how they want to shape their alliance and may help one in search of an active alliance in order to enjoy the game.

May the +1 attack count be with you.

King God Castle Beginner Guide

King God Castle Cube of Power, Shard of Growth and Cube of EXP

– Cube of EXP like it says is made to provide your hero exp. The Cube completely fills the exp bar of the hero you are using it on.

– Shard of Growth removes the lvl up costs for a hero after its exp bar is full.

– Cube of Power basicaly does both of the effects of Shard of Growth and Cube of EXP. It is basicaly a free lvl up for your hero.

There are two types of these items
– Basic: usable for heroes lvl 9 or below
– King: usable for heroes lvl 15 or below

King God Castle Scroll’s of Blessing

The Scroll’s of Blessing are basically God’s Scroll’s with 1 major difference.

If you manage to get a hero from the scroll the first hero pulled will always be one of the two displayed in the shop. After that the chance for these two heroes will be reduced to 20% so you still have a higher chance of getting them if you pull a hero

NOTE: the cap for the tokens in the Scroll’s of Blessing is 1500 and not 750 like in all the other Scrolls in the game. This is not a bug. This is intended.

King God Castle Progression Guide 2023

There is no 100% best Progression but here is a smal Checklist you could follow, that can make your life easier

Early Game Checklist

⬩ Lv8 Leonhardt
⬩ Lv8 Aramis
⬩ Elixir of Respite relic (optional, alternative is Shiled of Gladiator)
⬩ Penetrating Spear relic
⬩ Crown of Goblins relic (dont have to be used, needed for farming later)
⬩ Adventurer’s Diary Relic (can be used for expedition > will be used later one)
⬩ Able to farm gold on Chapter 5/Chapter 6 Phase 6
⬩ Lv25 Castle

Miscellaneous Checklist

⬩ Lv8 Chung ah, Zuo Bai or Hela
⬩ Iron Helm of Strength relic
⬩ full Lv8 Arena team
⬩ Few hero lock components

Mid Game Checklist

⬩ Early Game Checklist fulfilled
⬩ Lv16 (awakened) Evan, Mara, Aramis or Hela (Evan is the best investment for early players since hes strong independently)
⬩ Full Stack Lv8 Arena team
⬩ The Rapid Swords of Binding relic
⬩ A Insignia of Imperial Elite relic
⬩ Mask of Hallucinations relic
⬩ Hero Lock Components completed
⬩ Able to farm gold on Chapter 8 ~ Chapter 10 on Phase 6 (Note: chung ah lvl 10 can farm Chapter 8 Phase 10 with goblin crown easily)

Miscellaneous Checklist

⬩ Early Game Miscellaneous Checklist fulfilled
⬩ Full Stack Lv16 (awakened) Arena Team
⬩ Blade Crown relic
⬩ Gloves of the Star Collector relic (for raid, optional if no raid in mind for now)
⬩ Scroll of Teleportation relic.

And that’s it. Thank you very much for reading.

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