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One of the best ways to understand the depths of any game is by reading a thorough beginner’s guide for it. In this Lord of Dragons Beginner Guide, You will learn about Lord Of Dragons Reward Token, Lord Of Dragons Game Token(LOGT), Boss Raids and other tips.

Here’s a complete guide on Lord of Dragons.

Lord of Dragons Beginner Guide Wiki


Character Customizing

Lord of Dragons Beginner Guide Wiki

Simple, one-touch customizing options

Plethora of choices for face, hair types, matched with variety of hair colors and skin tones

Transformation System

72 total transformable characters across 3 races and 5 rarities

Differentiation in acquired statistics based on each transformation types

Stimulating desires among players to collect more transformable characters by differentiating the synergy effect on weapon types based on each races

  • Veny (Reinforce Attack): Specialized at Bow and Rapier. Increase in attack, penetration, critical damage, and other attack related statistics
  • Arke(Reinforce Defense): Specialized in Sword, Sword & Shield. Increase in defense, HP, resistance, potion recovery and other defense related statistics
  • Lucia(Reinforce Magic): Specialized in Staff and Dual Sword. Increase in HP absorption, buff retain, and other statistics while decreasing MP usage

Equipment Reinforcement


  • Lv. up via same type of equipment or abrasive materials
  • Differentiation in materials needed based on level and material’s rarity
  • Revamp
  • Revamp through revamp stones
  • Possibility of revamp failure (durability destruction)
  • Durability restoration via equipment with less than +5 revamp level difference.


  • Advancement through Advance Stones after max level reached
  • No possibility of failure with current policy

Boss Raids

  • Boss raid playable with up to 17 players
  • Raid specific skills per each weapon
  • Required to use skills at right timing based on patterns of the boss
  • Real-time review of Boss’ Buff and Nerf
  • Overview of party members’ weapon types

Monster’s Characteristics & Patterns

Lord of Dragons Guide Wiki

Single Monster, Multiple Patterns

  • Boss Monsters’ Pattern Shifting Upon Every Regeneration
  • Normal Attack Pattern
  • Defense Specialized Pattern
  • Attack Specialized Pattern

Inducing to fully utilize suitable gears & buff items per patterns

Promote users to not only focus on a single weapon, but multiple of them

Lord of Dragons NFT Guide

NFT plays a vital part within the ecosystem of LOD and it is designed to maximize ‘fun to play’ element while offering even more rewards for our players.

Initial issuance of NFTs in limited quantities offer special advantage and statistics increase for players’ characters whereas some high-rewarding contents and quests can only be cleared through holding our NFTs. Players can also acquire more NFTs and LORT upon clearing them.

Additional stats given

• Unlocking specialized & dedicated contents

• Can be acquired in-game

• Limited amount to be available at launch

• Various benefits for holders of initially issued NFTs

Lord Of Dragons Reward Token(LORT)

Ticker: LORT

Contract Address: TBA

Blockchain: BNB Chain

Max Supply: Unlimited

LORT is a basic form of rewards that players can acquire. Game is free-to-play for everyone who downloads the app while players can earn LORT via completing 10 different daily quests without the need to purchase separate NFTs.

Difficulty of these daily quests will increase as players clear main quests and players cannot complete these quests without levelling up their characters.

• In-game monetary assets
• Used for weapon revamps
• Acquired through dungeons and completing quests
• Invoke competition between users
• Lock up of 7 days upon withdrawal request

Token Distribution

LORT can only be earned through gameplays, but in order to kickstart the in-game economy of Lord of Dragons, certain amount of tokens will be issued at the initial stage.

Such measures are in conjunction with our ecosystem activation agenda, therefore each and every token usage will be accounted for, and publicly available to review where and how initially issued tokens are being used. After this stage, LORT can only be earned through in-game activities.

Lord Of Dragons Game Token(LOGT) Guide

Ticker: LOGT

Contract Address: TBA

Blockchain: ERC-20

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000

Value of the LOGT will only to be increased with the project as more and more people are joining to play Lord of Dragons while remaining in the ecosystem.

Players with particularly high rate of character growth or making an appearance at ranking are subjected to receive LOGT, and this indicates that this group of players possess extensive knowledge about the game while acquiring the governing power to participate on decision making process regarding the game’s future strategy.

Adequate amount of staking supplies will also be provided in order to incentivise early participants as the ecosystem grows over time, as well as to diversify the demographics of players governance rights.

Governance rights will only be applied to Lord of Dragons project, and it shall not be applied to any other companies subsidiaries, or partners’ business operation.

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