ManaRocks Wolfrusher Deck – Best spell deck in the meta

The goal of this ManaRocks Wolfrusher deck is to control the board early on and deal face damage to the opponent at good opportunities. The deck also has powerful spell cards to finish enemies if you can’t get all the way with your minions.

So let’s get started.

ManaRocks Wolfrusher Deck List

ManaRocks Wolfrusher Deck list


You’re almost always going to want to keep Snow Leopard, Snowcap Totem, and Wolf Trainer. The rest is going to depend on what you’re up against and the other cards you have. If you’ve got Whistle and White Wolf together, it can be a good turn 3 play.

If you only have the White Wolf, you may want to save him for later against a red, yellow, white, or black deck. He can die to fireball, slingshot, whistle, zombies, etc. at little resource/card cost to your opponent. But you may want to keep him against blue (he can get rid of one of those turn 1 illusions at least).

Acid Rain can be a really great card early on against another white wolf-type deck, or a mill deck with lots of illusions. But it’s not always going to be a good turn 2 play since it converts a crystal off-color early on, slowing you down potentially.

If you have Acid Rain or Pack Assault against a blue deck, you may decide to throw out White Wolf and save him for later. This is because you can set up your board a little and clear all the annoying illusions with them at once later. You also have to make the decision to keep Pack Assault or get rid of it, depending on what type of deck you think you’re going to face.

Disintegrate, Volcanic Dragon, and Fireball can just be thrown out for later.

General Strategy

This is not the easiest deck to play, you will have to make smart decisions and no mistakes with this deck, and you will play a little differently depending on what type of deck you are facing.

But the general strategy of this deck is always to establish a bit of board control early. Afterward, you can quickly get in some face damage with good use of White Wolf, Preeminent Leader, Tundra Wolf, and/or Snow cap War chief. You usually want to save at least 1 charge of Whistle to use when you put down one of these cards.

After you get some good face damage in, you can focus on controlling the board if you need to again, and you’re eventually going to finish with help from things like Disintegrate, Volcanic Dragon, Fireball, or just another nice use of White Wolf / Preeminent Leader / Tundra Wolf / Snowcap War chief.

Because going for the face damage can result in having a lot of our cards killed directly after, you need to consider what your opponent is going to do as a response and have a response to that. Cards like Acid Rain, Pack Assault, Snowcap Archer, or Volcanic Dragon are there to help you regain board control a bit after your big face damage turns. So do a bit of math and come up with a little plan for getting away with damage, so you don’t make a timing mistake.

If you lose board control permanently and are not able to finish them with a couple of disintegrates, a fireball, or whatever, then you have lost.

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