Master of Knights Tactics RPG Beginner Guide To Get Started

Master of Knights Tactics RPG is a turn-based RPG game released by “NEOWIZ” for mobile devices. It is a simple game with clever strategies and turn-based action, as well as a variety of in-game mechanics. According to the developers of Master of Knights, it is a complete Triple SRPG with the ideal combination of the three ‘S’ – Scope, Spell, and Skill.

Master of Knights Tactics RPG Beginner Guide

To begin the game, accept the privacy policy and log in with your Facebook account or by using your Google ID. When the game is downloading, it looks pretty cinematic with plenty of amazing stuff getting installed in the background. At the first glance, the game appears to be a turn-based grid hero battler having MANA as a resource. You select 5 heroes for your team and press the start button. The first turn grants 3 MANA, while subsequent turns grant 5 MANA by default. Each hero’s move/attack costs one MANA, and there are spells with varied costs that you draw or appear at random each turn.

Heroes in Master of Knights are classified into several classes based on how they move and fight during combat. Because of the lack of variety in the class, all warriors on the same side have the same moves, attack ranges, and other characteristics. Each hero has a distinct talent, and legendary heroes always have skills that must be activated three times, either through fighting, movement, receiving damage, or performing spells.

Top Notch Hero Battler Mode

Master of Knights has a one-of-a-kind combat gameplay system. But instead of using a grid board technique to defeat other players in PVP mode, it uses a real-time strategy instead. Everything in this game that was turn-based in real-time strategy mode has been changed to time-based. Arena and Colosseum are the two different PVP modes available in Master of Knights. So in order to succeed in the PVP mode, you must develop the best strategy possible that will let you win in a short period of time.

Quick progression using the AFK system

Master of Knights and AFK Arena are quite comparable. In both games, you’ll often find stores, laboratories, and towers. The game even has a maximum LVL of 220 that must be attained by spending resources along the journey. Although max level doesn’t currently appear to be restricted by dupes or shards, you can view stats, and you can be confident that max boosting a hero will give them about a 2-fold increase in power.

Overall, I think the game is a fun way to pass the time, and would suggest it to anyone. We hope this guide helps to improve your gameplay. For more articles like this and the most recent information about mobile gaming, bookmark the guide section of GamesTroops.

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