Ode to Alchemist Tier List & Beginner Guide 2022 December

Now the hour we’ve all been waiting for the Ode to Alchemist Tier List and Ode to Alchemist Tier List beginners guide. When people hear the word guide they expect detailed information on every single thing that the author did but that’s not how it works.

A guide is like a warning forged from regrets nurtured by ones love and desire that someone else doesn’t make the same silly mistake or omission but it’s the price and awareness at the end which resonates in the author’s mind that keeps him going .

TL: DR, I’m saying I’ll do my best. I’ll compose the guild with the assumption that this is your first day in a new server so will be starting from scratch.

NOTE: I recommend you take a look at the advancement abbreviations as I’ll be using them.

Also I highly recommend you join a new guild rather than going for an OP guild because they are topping the leaderboard, because that’s just it, no rewards just topping the leaderboard . Meanwhile you will lose the rewards you could have gotten if you participated in defeating the boss. Also, Check out our: Dark Hero Dash Idle Raising Guide for New Player

Ode to Alchemist Beginner Guide 2022

Day 1-4(Early Game)

Ok so you just started most probably skipped all the story mode for quick progress after completing the tutorials the first thing you want to next is entering the gift codes. After that go to the summoning portal and test your luck. If you are lucky enough to get a lv300 top SSR on your first 30 summons, then go get a lottery ticket either way what you get doesn’t really matter.

After summoning go the eidolon pages grab the diamonds for discovering eidolons and then level up your top 5 strongest if you have Seth, he’s the best dps character for f2p only gets out matched by Osiris and Diarmuid,if you don’t have these Eidolons no worries just level the SSR or SR Eidolons you have if you run out resources go play campaign and other modes get rewards and come back, do this till you reach level 100 on your first five Eidolons.It might take a couple of days to get 5 lv100 depending on how much you spend.

Don’t promote any fodder Eidolon past legend Grade 1. If you do you’ll need to take them to IG1 to be used as fodders or spend 100 gems to return them.

For the first 4 days avoid spending much diamonds, don’t use diamonds for summoning. It is not worth it even if you are a kraken . Just get used to the game modes and wait for day 5.

The only places you are to spend diamonds for the first 5 days are; Adventurer rewards,Bounty Privileges,Daily dungeons, Bounty Expeditions, guild hunt tickets, Wicked Forest shop and always buy the extra guild tickets.You can get the offers for tickets from the “7-day goal”

You can advance your fodder heroes to LG1 if you still don’t have enough copies of top SSR Eidolons but don’t take any fodder heroes past LG1 you won’t be able to use them as fodders until IG1. It’s not a big deal though it’s just that you’ll have highly leveled trash.

Ode to Alchemist Tier List 

Ode to Alchemist Recommended Heroes

Here are some recommended heroes:

Seth: Really great dps can end up doing 80-90% damage in the battle

Freya: Best healer in the game

Dominion: Cause a lot of damage if he lives long enough and is the best option for elemental fantasy solo stage

Medusa: Great support and control Eidolon, puts all enemy units into sleep mode, her ultimate wins battles. If you don’t have her or Artemis late game there’s no way you’re gonna win pvp if you opponent has either or both. It’s just an assumption though .

White Tiger: Decent dps if you are lacking Lu Bu and Osiris in the Earth faction then you should consider take her to IG1

Athena: Decent dps if you are lacking other options

Lubu: Great tank, decent dps and heals himself an all-round great hero]

Ra: The undying, for short he doesn’t die that alone is crazy and he deals a lot of damage

Artemis: Really awesome support but her second skill has friendly fire would be bad when it triggers when one of your Eidolon hears death calling

Shadow Swordsman: The game changer himself, gets stronger with each sec that passes and can reset the battle to the initial state and keeps the damage increase he gained.

Apollo: A very reliable tank, shields the whole team and provides healing.

Poseidon: If you don’t have Apollo then go for him.

Ode to Alchemist Tier List

Ode to Alchemist After Day 5

DAY 5+(Early Game)

Eidolon Ceremony has arrived time to go crazy with all those diamonds you were stockpiling, go to the store in the eidolon ceremony section and buy 50 tickets for 12.5k yes it’s worth it if you have doubts excess tickets won’t be wasted as you can use them in the next eidolon ceremony.

Select an Eidolon you wish to get and start summoning stop once you get the Eidolon, look at how many tickets you have left and how many you can get before the event ends, if you can get a total of fifty wait for the next eidolon ceremony as the pity timer will reset on the next eidolon event.

Go to the groceries shop where we will do the most diamond spending. Here we get advance stones, refresh and grab every 50% discount offer for advance stones, but keep in mind you shouldn’t go below 20k gems. You need 20k gems for the next eidolon ceremony 12.5k for tickets and 7.5k for groceries.

NOTE: Try to complete the “7 day goal” to get Apollo don’t buy the offers for SR shards but buy every other offer. Then on day 8 get Apollo from the login gift.

EARLY GAME(Lv 161-230)

Early game properly starts when the fountain of life reaches Lv161 it means you finally have your top5 Eidolons at IG1 and have life skills unlocked cheers. Now you should consider unlocking the physique skill for all your top 5 lineup and equip them with Accuracy/Bravery depending on which you have successfully unlocked.

You will be stuck here for months if you don’t go for the 50% gem discount on advance stones. Follow the instructions I gave on Guild Shops and unlock the physique skill for your top5 Eidolons and equip them with a skill.

Just take things slowly, play the modes, gather resources, advance your heroes and participate in the point match betting if you can.

You be stuck at early game for roughly 2 months.

MID GAME(Lv231+)

Hurray congratulations you got your top5 heroes to DG1 soon your fountain of life would be lv240 and leveling your whole team becomes relatively easy. I can’t say for sure which arcane skills you should go for when your Eidolons reach lv250 but greedy and absorb are not bad options and I also can’t say when you approach late game so it’s safe to say that when you max out your top5 Eidolons, you reached late game.

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