Project Inazuma Trello Guide – How to Play & Controls

Wellcome to our Project Inazuma Trello Guide, After reading this guide, you will able to learn How to Play Project Inazuma. The game now is available for [PRE-ALPHA] and You can play this game for free on Roblox.

Without wasting any time Let’s read this article. You can find out information about clans on on our Project Inazuma Clan Tier List Guide

Project Inazuma Trello Guide


Standard level cap – The standard level cap of everyone is level 100


Standard level cap = 100

  • Increases the distance the ball travels
  • Speeds up the charge of the power bar
  • Can help you win clashes against GK hissatsu’s with your FW hissatsu
  • Makes breaking someone’s endurance faster


Standard level cap = 50

  • Increases your running speed
  • Makes your stamina bar recharge faster


Standard level cap = 50

  • Increases your running speed
  • Makes your stamina bar recharge faster


Standard level cap = 50

  • Increases dribble distance


Standard lvl cap = 50

  • Adds 2% energy per level
  • Makes your energy bar recharge faster

Combination/Chain shots

Combination shots are possible with a few FW hissatsus at the moment.

When preforming a combination shot your power stat will be combined with the other persons power stat.

That means that if you got 50 power and your teammate also has 50 power it will combine together to 100.

How to get a hissatsu and the chances of getting one

The way to get a hissatsu is by going to ingame meteor event that happens every hour. You’ll be playing a 4vs4 match the winning team will have a 5% chance of getting a hissatsu.

If you’re lucky enough to get one you’ll have a chance to either get a common,rare or legendary

Chances :

  • Common 60%
  • Rare 39%
  • Legendary 1%

Project Inazuma hissats List

  1. Fire Tornado
  2. Back Tornado
  3. Dark Tornado
  4. Eternal Blizzard
  5. Mach Wind
  6. Death Spear
  7. Ghost Lock
  8. Z Slash
  9. Spiral Draw
  10. lce Ground
  11. Drill Smasher (common)
  12. Colosseo Guard (Rare)
  13. Blue God Hand (Rare)
  14. God Hand (special)
  15. Majin The Hand (Legendary)

Project Inazuma Trello

How to play Project Inazuma?


A goalie can block 3 kinds of shots. Air balls, Danger Balls, and Ground Balls.
Goalies can only use their dashes inside the penalty box. Doing them outside would cause a foul.
Goalies have enhanced range to blocking air balls, and more power to their blocks.


1) Danger Ball

A Danger ball is when the ball is highlighted purple. Being in the air you’re allowed to knock it in a different direction. If you do this it will eat at your endurance though.

2) Air Ball

An air ball is when the ball is highlighted red. You can change it’s direction by bumping into it without taking endurance damage.

3) Ground Ball

Ground balls are highlighted white. You can only catch them by pressing R (Block), or walk into it. When the ball first hits the ground it has iframes before it can be touched.
It is recommended that if a GK spots a ground ball to press R immediately, and time it.


Ball Keybinds:

  • A+Q = Left Dash
  • D+Q = Right Dash
  • W+Q = Forwards Dash
  • S+Q = Backwards Dash

Goalie Blocking Keybinds:

  • A+Q = Left Block
  • D+Q = Right Block
  • W+Q = Forwards Catch (WIP)
  • S+Q = Backwards Catch (WIP)

Other Keybinds:

  • T = Header
  • R = Block / Grab Ball
  • F = Sprint
  • Left Click = Slide / Tackle


Endurance is like a players hp. Every time it hits 0 you have a 5% chance of being injured.
When your endurance bar hits 0 you have to take a 5 minute break from playing in the game. You become a benched player!

Other Tips:

– When the balls in the air you can intercept it by jumping into it or sliding.
– You will get used to most of the controls in a few hours
– When the ball converts from air to ground it has iframes for a small timeframe (cant be grabbed)

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