Shadow Brides Tier List [NEW] – Ranking all characters

All of the characters in Shadow Brides are fun to play, but some are more useful and fight much better than others. This Shadow Brides tier list will help you discover all the best brides in the game.

Shadow Brides is a gothic mobile game in which you collect Witches, Vampires, Hunters, and other unique creatures to fight against hordes of evil monsters.

Without ado, let us get started with this bride’s tier list.

Shadow Brides Tier List

Here is the breakdown of all the tiers in this Shadow Brides tier list. The brides in S-tier are the very best brides in the game. And the brides in the D-tier are those that should be avoided as you reach the higher levels of the game.

Like all the tier lists on, this one is also based on the personal opinion. Your character tier list may differ from what I have created.

Shadow Brides Gothic RPG Tier List

Please keep in mind that after every new character is added, this Shadow Brides tier list will be updated as per need. We suggest you bookmark this page and come back again to see which Brides have improved or declined in the rankings.

We are a growing community of hardcore gamers and are open to productive discussion. If you disagree with any of the bride rankings, please let us know in the comments. Also, if you want your own tier list published here send it across via email or submit it in the comment section below.

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