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Viking Rise Guide

Your Fief is the first land you interact with when you arrive at Vanirneyjar. It forms the foundation of your power and sets the base for future development. It’s important to understand your Fief well!

Fief Map Introduction

Your Fief has six areas. Players start at Dawning Plain, which is already unlocked. Unlock the other five areas as the game progresses!

Fief Map Introduction

The First City: Dawning Plain

Dawning Plain is the first city players are introduced to. You can construct 20 types of Buildings here, including the Chief’s Hall, Academy, Tribe Hall, Hall of Valor, Outdoor Meet, Divination Shack, Honey Tavern, Warehouse, Clan Camp, Infirmary, Eagle’s Nest, Builder’s Hut, Battle Hall, Porter Barracks, Infantry Barracks, Pikemen Barracks, Archer Barracks, Troop Base, Watchtower, and Walls.

The First City: Dawning Plain

Unlocking Areas With Fog

Apart from the Dawning Plain, there are five other areas to be unlocked. To unlock each new area, clear the Fog and create access. Each area will initially be covered by Fog. After you occupy the Watchtower of the previous area, you’ll be able to see the Fog surrounding the next area. Engage in the battle to occupy an area’s Watchtower. Upon your victory, you will successfully occupy the Watchtower.

Unlocking Areas With Fog

The requirements for creating access to new areas differ according to various terrains. For example, players need to restore a broken bridge at Golden Lake, and occupy/restore the Harbor at the Forbidden Forest, before they can travel to new areas.

Broken Bridge Viking Rise

Occupying Villages

Players can also occupy villages. There are a total of four villages, which are occupied by Niflungs. The Niflungs must be defeated before the villages can be occupied and controlled.

Occupying Villages

Unlock three Buildings after occupying villages, including the Village Hall, which comes with every village. The other two Buildings determine this village’s type. There are three types of villages: Agricultural, Commercial, and Military. Different villages are home to different Workers and have different effects. For details, please see below:

Occupying Villages Viking Rise

City Chests

After unlocking different areas, you’ll find some resource chests and resources. This is mainly how resources will be earned in the early game. However, they will be guarded by some monsters, which need to be defeated before the resources can be claimed.

City Chests

Special Buildings

Each area has some Buildings with unique functions. The wise thing to do would be to occupy these Buildings the moment you set foot in the area.6.

Viking Rise Characters


Being blessed by the white wolf since he was younger, Ivor was named the “Wolf Whisperer”. He honed his combat skills under the guidance of the white wolf, which explains why his fighting style is so aggressive.

Make sure to include more infantry troops in Ivor’s squad as his skills help to strengthen and boost the damage infantry troops deal!


When her whole village was massacred by the Niflungs, Cecia barely managed to escape from the tragedy and needed intensive treatment to ensure that she could stay alive.

After Cecia recovered, she became a different person. Engulfed with vengeance, Cecia became violent and extreme, dedicating all her time to honing her combat skills so that she can defeat her most hated enemies, the Niflungs. This was how she earned her title of “Savage Gladiator” and now she teams up with you to avenge the deaths of her loved ones.

Her fierce fighting style goes hand in hand with Infantry troops, so be sure to take note of that when assigning troops to Cecia’s squad!


When you mention Ragnar’s name, everyone will remember him as the “Dragon Slayer”.

He received this title when he once slayed a dragon by himself in the past. Before he jumped into battle, he analyzed the dragon’s strengths and weaknesses and only made his move when he was truly prepared for it. This amazing feat made him famous across the lands and everyone applauded his strength and intellect.

Ragnar did not stop there. Now he continues his journey in Midgard, training and broadening his horizons. It’s believed that the next time Ragnar returns, he’ll have completed more extraordinary feats.

As a Leader type hero, Ragnar has great synergy with all types of troops. Utilize his strengths wisely and bring your troops to victory!


In an attempt to escape after her clan was wiped out, Leandra ran into the forbidden forest and came in contact with a mysterious rune within. This gave her incredible divine powers and under the guidance of the divine servants, Leandra learned how to control her powers.

This did not erase the pain of her clan’s demise and hatred continued to fester in her heart. Now, Leandra is patiently waiting for the chance to avenge her clan and is willing to work with allies to get the job done.


Regardless of her plights, the young Viking maiden, Yvette, always moves forward without hesitation. Whenever Yvette gives her all to perform, her music soothes everyone’s wounds and strengthens their faith. If Yvette’s music crescendoes, the courage in her heart blesses the fighting Vikings with invincibility.

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