New Zold Out Tier List (Global) – Best heroes in the game

Welcome to another character tier list at, today we have created the updated Zold Out tier list of all the heroes available in the global version of the game.

The game studio “C4 Cat Entertainment Limited” is behind Zold Out, the latest mobile tactical RPG game. In this game, you battle monsters, craft deadly weapons, and invite mighty heroes to join your company as you go on adventures in the realm of Aojin Portbay. To help you recruit only the best heroes in Zold Out we have created this character tier list.

Without ado, let’s get started with this Zold Out character tier list.

Zold Out Tier List (Global Version)

This tier list starts from the SS tier in which all the best heroes have been listed. And it goes on until the C tier in which all the weak and less powerful heroes are present.

We advise you to recruit heroes only from the SS tier and S tier as you cross higher levels in the game. However, for beginner players, A-tier or B-tier heroes may prove to be useful too.

Zold Out tier list

This Zold Out tier list guide is now complete. You can now pre-register or download (depending on your region) for Zold Out’s global server on iOS and Android, and get ready to embark on a steampunk SRPG adventure!

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